Welcome to Vuokatti!

February is getting closer and the competitions season 23/24 is already on!
ONLY 51 days to Masters World Cup!

Tracks are ready!

Winter is here and there is lots of natural snow in Vuokatti. Tracks cover almost 50km and Masters competition tracks are also prepared.

If you want to try out the tracks, it is possible to book a pre-training camp before the competitions! 77€/night with full board meals, ask more from the Sales Office!


Remember to catch early bird price (220€) until 31.12. 2023.
You can register for the competitions by following the link below. The competition program is published and it can be found from our website and through
FIS Calendar.

Fluor Waxes

WMA states that it’s highly unlikely to have any fluoride waxing test at Vuokatti during Masters 2024.

Organizer hopes that participants are still responsible with the purchase of fluor waxes.



Special Tips for Christmas!

Santa Claus is watching!

Everyone knows that Santa Claus - or Joulupukki - is from Finnish Lapland and since you are planning a trip to Finland in February, please be aware that Santa is watching extra closely! Be kind, enjoy some time with family and go skiing - that is pretty much a perfect Christmas, aren't we right?

Long and easy trainings

What's better time for a long and easy training sessions than Christmas? Give your body and mind some time outdoors and go enjoy the nature! If not on snow, then by foot works as well.

Enjoy Christmas food!

Different countries - different Christmas traditions. Most places, food is a big part of Christmas traditions and you should embrace it and enjoy it!

In Finland, traditional Christmas food includes ham, different kinds of vegetable casseroles and of course, chocolate! So if you ever wonder why Finns do well in races right after Christmas... It might be the Christmas food. :)


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Masters World Cup Vuokatti 2024
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