Welcome to Vuokatti!

Ski Season is on in Vuokatti!

115 days to go to Masters World Cup 2024!

Ski Season is on!

Starting from October 12th, it has been possible to ski outdoors in Vuokatti! Currently, the first snow ski track is 4,5 km long and the conditions are extremely good! From now on, we will continue extending the length of the track and full 9-10 km is expected to be ready in November!


Registration is now open! You can register for the competitions by following the link below. The competition program is already published and it can be found from our website and through
FIS Calendar.

Official event T-shirts available!

Now it is possible to order official MWC24 Vuokatti T-shirts! This can be done through the registration form, where you can choose whether you want to receive the shirt or not. The price for the shirt is only 25 €.
Training tip no. 2!

When you hit the first snow!

While skiing has started in Vuokatti, maybe somewhere else it might take some time before you get to enjoy skiing on real snow. However, when you do have opportunity to start skiing, it is important to remember following things:

1. Don't do too much!

This may sound easy, but not always easy to do. It is exciting when you get to ski for the first time in a while but you should stay calm and keep the distances moderate in the beginning. This is how you also prevent injuries and make your season better.

2. Focus on technique and do some no poling!

If you can get the technique right away in good form, it will carry through the whole season. Include some no poling in your basic workouts, and find the right technique in both classic and skating.

Example workouts:
  • 1h skating with 3 x 5 minutes of no poling
  • 1h classic with 3 x 5 minutes of double poling and some striding without poles on the uphills
3. Enjoy!

Finally! Long wait is over and now you get to ski again. Remember to enjoy the opportunity and have some fun!


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Masters World Cup Vuokatti 2024
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