2nd competition day in Masters World Cup filled with relays!

Second competition day in Masters World Cup was filled with relay action. And full of action the day sure was with 15 different category relays – 5 women’s relays and 10 men’s relays.

Women’s 4 x 5 km relays started at 12:00 and the temperature was much warmer than the days before so there were no delays in the schedule. Women raced in F01, F02, F03, F04 and F05 categories and in each category, first two legs were classic and the last two in skating. The host country Finland was truly dominating in women’s side, as all the five gold medals stayed in Finland. Other countries to claim medals on the women’s side were Sweden, Italy, USA, Ukraine, Latvia, Switzerland, and Norway.

One and half hours after the first women, the men’s relays started at 13:30. Program was the same as on the women’s side, 4 x 5 km relays with first two legs in classic and last two in skating. Men were competing in total of ten different categories (M1 – M10) with total of 58 teams on the start list which meant more than 200 competitors in men’s relays! As Finnish women showed the way, the men followed and continued the winning streak by claiming all the possible gold medals.

Tomorrow in the Masters World Cup we will move on to the long distances in classic style. Distances will vary between 30 km and 15 km so the competitors will get a good chance to enjoy the perfect tracks of Vuokatti.

Official results from the relays: